Virgin Money Velocity card changes (reduced points, changed flight offer)

Virgin Money operate two cards associated with the Virgin Australia Velocity program – the Virgin Australia Velocity High Flyer Card and the Virgin Australia Velocity Flyer Card. From 1 April, 2016 the card will have a reduction in the number of Velocity Points that can be earned, and the current discount ticket offer will be removed.

Earn Rate

The earning of Velocity Point from spend on the cards will be reduced as from 1 April, 2016.

Flyer Card

For the Velocity Flyer Card, the earn rate on the first $1,500 spent each statement period will reduce from 1 Velocity Point Per Dollar to 0.66 Velocity Points Per Dollar. The rate of earn on spend after $1,500 in a statement period will remain at 0.5 points per dollar.

For spend on Virgin Australia services, there will be an earn rate of 1 Velocity Point per dollar.

High Flyer Card

The High Flyer Card is moving from a flat 1.25 points per dollar onto a tiered earning system. For the first $10,000 in a statement period, there will be an earn rate of 1 Velocity Point per dollar, and 0.5 Velocity Points per dollar for any spend above $10,000.

For spend on Virgin Australia services, there will be an earn rate of 3 Velocity Point per dollar.

Flight Offer

The current Two for One offer is to be scrapped with effect from 31 March, 2016, This offer provided a discounted ticket for a second person to fly with the primary card holder. The ticket provided that each tocket would have a half price fare, although each ticket had to pay the full set of taxes – as a result the overall discount fell short of 50%

In place of the discounted fare deal, Virgin Money will be offering a $129 gift voucher. As it stands, Virgin Money are a bit vague on when the new voucher will be available, stating that it will be available from “mid 2016”.

Based on information on the Virgin Money website, the voucher will need to be requested. It will, however, be able to be used on any booking including domestic and international, and will include sale fares. It appears that it will be able to redeemed online.

Velocity High Flyer card members will also be entitled to two lounge passes per year. As with normal lounge passes, the two passes will be attached to your Velocity account.

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