Velocity Tigerair Australia Redemption

Velocity Frequent Flyer has announced the ability to redeem Velocity Points for flights on the services of Tigerair Australia. Velocity points can be used for redeeming flights, or for other add-on services such as  checked baggage, food beverages and seating.

The new option for redeeming flights, known as a Tigerair Australia Redemption, works essentially as Any Seat award. That is, the flights on offer are normal revenue fares, with Velocity Points being used as a form of payment. Payments using Velocity Points can be done using a minimum of 3,100 points.

Being a s form of payment, use of points in this way requires a value to be assigned to a Velocity Point. Some example bookings indicate that for this form of payment, the value of a Velociy point is 0.65 cents.

The offer to iuse points is made during the booking process. You select the flights as normal, and will be presented with an option to use Velocity Points at the payment stage.

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