Velocity terminates partnership with Airberlin

Air Berlin 737

Velocity has advised that they will no longer partner with Airberlin as of 6 September, 2017. This follows yesterdays revelations that Qantas has se a final date for earning of points and status credits on their flights.

The two airlines had very different relationships with Airberlin. The Qantas relationship with Airberlin came through its oneWorld membership. On the other hand, Velocity had its own bliateral partnership with Airberlin.

The winding up of the earnings of points in the two programs is happening differently, and at different times.

Effect of termination on Velocity members

The important date for the Velocity partnership is 6 September, 2017, and there are differing effects depending on whether you buy a ticket before or after that date.

For Airberlin flights booked after 6 September, Velocity members will no longer earn points or status credits when flying on an Airberlin number

On the other hand, any tickets purchased prior to 6 September will continue to earn points and status credits. As is currently the case, these will be awarded after the flights have been flown.

In addition to the removal of points earn, Velocity members will no longer be able to redeem their points for Airberlin flights.

This compares with the Qantas approach where earnings on Airberlin flights will cease from 15 November. This does not seem to have any regard for when the flights were booked.



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