Velocity partners up with Presto

Velocity members can now earn points on Presto subscriptions. Under the new deal, subscribers to the Entertainment Package will earn 50 points per month while they remain subscribed to the package.As an introduction to Presto, members of Velocity will be able to sign up to Presto on a free one month trial (which is a fairly standard Presto offer). For the first paid month of the subscription, Presto will make a bonus 600 Velocity Points available. For subsequent moths, the bonus will be 50 points per month, while you maintain a paid subscription.

For existing subscribers to Presto, members of Velocity will be able to earn the 50 points per month until the end of their Presto Entertainment subscription. Existing members are not eligible for the 600 bonus points, however.

The new deal comes with a couple of gotchas, that you may need to be aware of:

  • the points are only available if you take up the Presto Entertainment package – the individual TV or Movies packages are not enough
  • Presto subscribers that joined through Telstra or Foxtel are not eligible.

If you want to check out this deal, visit the  Presto website.

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