Velocity offers 15% bonus on transfers from selected credit cards

Velocity Move Your Points Bonus

If for some reason you missed out on transferring points to Velocity duringĀ  May, you may be in luck. Velocity are offering a 15% bonus on transfers from selected credit cards made between 1 and 18 June, 2017. Unlike the Billion Points promotion that ran through May, this new promotion has a more limited set of particpants.

15% bonus on transfers to Velocity

The new promotion is eligible for transfers made betwee 1 June and 18 June 2017. Not only is the partipant list more limited, there dosen’t appear to be any offering additional points over and above the 15%.

In order to be eligible for the 15% promotion, the points need to be transferred from one of the following accounts:

  • ANZ Rewards accounts,
  • ANZ Business Rewards accounts,
  • CommBank Awards accounts,
  • Citibank Citi Rewards accounts,
  • Diners Club Reward accounts,
  • Bank of Queensland Q Rewards accounts (Platinum credit card holders only),
  • Suncorp Bank Rewards accounts,
  • Card Services Rewards Accounts,
  • HSBC Rewards accounts (Platinum and Premier credit card holders only),
  • NAB Rewards accounts, and
  • Australian American Express Card Members, including David Jones American Express Card Members enrolled in the Membership Rewards program (this offer excludes American Express New Zealand Card Members).

The Westpac group of banks do not appear to be participating in this round, which is a bit unfortunate.

Further details on the promotion may be found on the Velocity website.


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