Velocity boosts Europcar earn for red members

An interesting update from Velocity – red members are receiving a boost in the earn rate for Europcar. Effective, pretty much immediately, red members will be moving up from 3 points per dollar to 4 points per dollar on Europcar rentals. And by immediately – it has already happened!

Red Only

It is not an earth shattering move by any stretch, but it is interesting that it targets the base red members of Velocity.

Silver, Gold and Platinum have all had higher earn rates, by virtue of a status bonus. For silver, this was a 50% bonus, for gold it was 75% and platinum scored a 100% points bonus. The effect of this was that while a red member earned 3 points per dollar, a platinum received 6 points per dollar.

For the current boost, the increase earn rate for a base member is not flowing through to the status bonus. This will still be calculated as though the base rate was 3 points per dollar rate.

So, for a rental in Australia (or New Zealand), the Velocity charts are now as follows:

Partner Red Silver Gold Platinum
 Eurpocar 4 4.5 5.25 6
 Hertz 3 4.5 5.25 6
Thrifty 3 4.5 5.25 6

Note that there is no change to the earn rates outside of Australia and New Zealand. These will remain on the flat points per rental structure.

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