Using Velocity Points at BP goes live – how to turn off pay with points

If you’ve bought fuel at a BP store in the last few days, you may have noticed that the ability to pay for your fuel purchase with points is now available. This is a new option that was first announced by Velocity and BP last week.

The offer to use points comes when you swipe your Velocity Card – until now the swip of the card has been required if you wish to earn points. If you have set a PIN on your card, you will first be prompted by an offer to use points to make a payment on the fuel.

Toward the end of June, Velocity were emailing people requesting them to set a PIN. If you have gone ahead and done this, you will get offered the ability to use 1,667 Velocity Points for a $10 part payment when buying fuel.

The option to be offered the 1,667 Points for $10 is the default option, and it is possible to set it to other amounts. Indeed, it is possible to turn off the offer altogether – which may be worthwhile if you think you will ever select ‘ok’ to the offer rather than clearing it.

Setting Your Redemption Option

In your Velocity Account, there is now a new Menu option ‘Pay with Points In Store’. Clicking on that menu item will take you to a new screen as shown below:

There are two main things that are available here. The first is a slider bar that allows you to set a default offering, the second is a link to disable the facility.

The slider bar allows you to set a value between $10 and $60, and this will be the default offer that is made when you swipe your card.

Of more interest is the link at the bottom that allows you you to deactivate the facility. Clicking on the link brings up the following dialogue:

Pressing on proceed will allow you to deactivate the option to use points in store. If you want to activate the feature in the future, you can simply work your way through the same options. In this case, there will be a link to activate the option, rather than deactivate it.

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