Up to 20,000 bonus points for new Aquire members

Qantas Aquire, the small business program of Qantas, is again running a membership drive – this time offering the chance of receiving 20,000 bonus points. The promotion is running until 15 November,

The 20,000 points that is up for grabs is paid as two bonus amounts of 10,000 points. The first 10,000 points ia available just for signing up to the program. This requires an ABN, and at the moment a sign up fee of $89.50 is required.

To get the second 10,000 points requires undertaking a transaction that earns at least 100 points – and this needs to be done by 29 February, 2016. While the 100 points may be earned through Qantas flights, there is a small catch – if you do this, the 10,000 points will appear as pending points. While this will count toward the 20,000 annual point  requirement through flying, they won’t be able to be used until that 20,000 points is attained.

On the other hand, if the 100 points is attained through another partner, the 10,000 points will be available for use straight away.

For further information, refer to the promotion page.

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