Qatar Privilege Club 250 points to register for 100,000 points Globetrotter promotion

Qatar Privilege club is running a Globetrotter promotion, offering up to 100,000 points for achieving set goals. The promotion requires registration, and Qatar Privilege club is offering 250 points simply for registering for the promotion.

The promotion consists of completing four themes. Each theme has a set of destinations, together with a qualification period for each theme. The themes and qualification period is as follows:

Theme name Destinations Travel Period
Adventurous Getaway Colombo, Dar es Salaam, Denpasar Bali, Geneva, Johannesburg,
Kathmandu, Larnaca, Male, Miami, Nairobi, Oslo, Perth, Phuket, Sofia,
Tunis, Zagreb
15th May – 25th July
Metropolitan Excursions Amsterdam, Atlanta, Berlin, Delhi, Durban, Hong Kong, Kuala Lumpur,
London, Los Angeles, Manchester, Milan, Moscow, New York, Shanghai,
Singapore, Sydney
1st Aug – 10th Oct
Culinary Journeys Addis Ababa, Barcelona, Brussels, Chicago, Guangzhou, Ho Chi Minh
City, Istanbul, Lagos, Nagpur, Sao Paulo, Tokyo, Venice, Yerevan
16th Oct – 25th Dec
Cultural Exploration Amritsar, Athens, Alexandria, Baku, Beirut, Belgrade, Birmingham,
Boston, Casablanca, Copenhagen, Edinburgh, Luxor, Madrid, Munich,
Vienna, Warsaw, Yangon
1st Jan 2017- 15th Mar 2017

Upon completion of a ‘theme’, you will be awarded a badge for completing the theme. At the end of the promotion, the number of badges collected will determine your overall award for the promotion. The following table shows the awards:

Earned travel badges Rewards
4 a) Burgundy, Silver, Gold members – 100,000 Bonus Qmiles and Single Tier Upgrade
Platinum members – 100,000 Bonus Qmiles and Tier validity will be
extended for additional one year from the date of tier expiry OR 50,000
additional Qmiles(if member does not wish to accept tier extension then
he can alternatively choose to receive additional 50,000 Qmiles)
3 50,000 bonus Qmiles
2 25,000 bonus Qmiles

Further details for the promotion may be made here. Registration will be available from the My Offers section in your account.

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