Qantas to sell Lounge Access Passes

Qantas has launched a new way of gaining access to the Qantas Club – through the sale of lounge access passes. The opportunity to purchase a Lounge Access Pass may be made to Bronze and Silver Frequent Flyer members, who may not otherwise have the opportunity to gain access to the Qantas Club.

Normally access to the lounge is available to Qantas Club members, Platinum and Gold Frequent Flyers (and oneworld equivalents) and customers in the Business or First cabins. In addition, there are one time passes around that are made available to some credit card customers, and on occasion service revovery situations. Qantas has not typically sold single time access to the lounge (although some passes have found their way to eBay and the like).

What is on offer?

It is not a free for all on the passes though – Qantas will be inviting Bronze and Silver members to purchase a pass prior to their flights. Presumably they will be maintaining a semblance of capcity control with the process, and not offering passes for sale for folk flying in peak times.

Under the offer, Qantas Frequent Flyers will be able to purchase lounge access
using either cash or Qantas Points for themselves and/or for some or
all of the other eligible passengers within the same booking.

The pass itself is only valid for the day of the flight for which the offer was made. Note that if you purchase a pass, then have to change flights to a different day, you will lose the pass, and there is no refund available. (Refunds will be available, though, if the changes are forced by Qantas cancelling or rescheduling the flight)

How Much?

The cost of the pass is going to depend on exactly which lounge you will be accessing using the pass. Qantas has set up prices for three different levels of Qantas Club – the standard Domestic Qantas Club, the Business Lounges at International Airports, and for Premium Lounges at airports where the prvious First and Business lounges have been merged into a single, so called, Premium Lounge (such as the case in Singapore and Hong Kong).

Prices are set, either as a cash amount, or as a number of points as follows:

  • $49 (7,000 Qantas Points) for entry into
    domestic Qantas Club lounges;
  • $69 (9,900 Qantas Points) for
    International Business Class lounges
  • $99 (14,500 Qantas Points) for the Premium International lounges

Qantas warn that these prices are subject to change, however, the current price will be disclosed in the email making the offer.

It’s an interesting new offer from Qantas, and I imagine some will see benefit in the offer, while others will think it overpriced for what you get.  Information on the Lounge Pass offer may be found toward the end of the Lounge eligibility and access page.

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