Qantas retiring the Frequent Flyer Toolbar

Qantas has announced that it is withdrawing the Qantas Frequent Flyer Toolbar. For existing users of the toolbar, the toolbar will be usable until the end of August. From September onwards, users will not be able to earn points from the toolbar. The Toolbar has also been withdrawn immediately for download, meaning there can be no new users of the Toolbar.

The toolbar has allowed users to earn 1 point per eligible search. There has been a limit of 150 Qantas Points per month, so it has never been a way of gaining a large point balance. Perhaps its greatest benefit has been to allow users to earn easy points to keep the points in a Frequent Flyer account from expiring.

With the withdrawal of support after 31 August, users of the toolbar would be advised to remove the toolbar from their computers. Qantas hav given instructions for the removal of the search toolbar here. Note that thers is some variation depending on which browser you are using, and the installation date of the toolbar.

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