Qantas removing earn on American Airlines ‘B’ class

Qantas has advised, on its website, that it will be removing earnings for Qantas Frequent Flyers flying on American Airlines ‘B’ class fares. The change, which comes into effect on 1 September 2016, is a curious change in that it affects one of American Airlines most expensive fares.

As mentioned, Qantas has notified the change in the Partner Earning tables published on the Qantas website. It seems an unusual change – while it is not unusual for deeply discounted fares to be excluded, this affects one of the more expensive fares. After the change comes into effect on 1 September, lower priced fares will still be eligible for points earning.

A review of some other oneWorld partners has not revealed any others that have removed the points earning on this particular fare. Indeed, American Airlines publishes tables coming into effect next year that still include ‘B’ as one of the higher earning economy class fares.

The change to remove earnings on ‘B’ class fares comes on top of the changes to remove the Minimum Points Guarantee on American Airlines flights. The timing of both changes suggests that Qantas and American Airlines have recently renogiated the way they pay each other for points on each others airlines.

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