Qantas Points to be earned on all Jetstar NZ flights

Jetstar has fired another shot at Air New Zealand, as it expands its operations in New Zealand. This morning Qantas and Jetstar announced that all domestic flights across New Zealand would be eligible to earn Qantas Points. This is a break from the current situation, where Starter fares do not earn points at all.
In order to earn points, a booking that added either the Plus or Max bundles was required.

From today, all Jetstar domestic Starter fares within New Zealand will earn points as follows

Fare Points Earned Minimum Points Status Credits
Starter 300 400
Starter Plus 450 800 10
Starter Max 600 1,200 20

There are a few things to be kept in mind with this offer.

Firstly, it applies only to domestic flights within New Zealand, and will not extend to other parts of the Jetstar network.

Secondly, it does not affect the Status Credit earn on flights. Starter will continue to earn zero Status Credits, with the Plus and Max bundles attracting 10 and 20 Status Credits respectively.

Finally, Jetstar domestic sectors included as part of international itineraries will not attract Qantas Points (unless booked as a bundle).

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