Qantas Points return to Woolworths

Shoppers at Woolworths will soon be able to earn Qantas Points under the new Woolworths Rewards program. This change goes some way to reversing the decision to remove the ability to earn Qantas Points that was announced during the revamp of the Woolworths Rewards Program.

Woolworths had previously announced that it was removing the option to earn Qantas Points and moving to its own, new, rewards system. The removal of Qantas Points under the existing system will end on 31 December, 2015.

As part of the new agreement, Qantas Points will be able to be earned within the framework of the new program, rather than as a straight earn of points for spending. Under the new scheme, members will be able to convert $10 Woolworths Dollors into 870 Qantas Points. This option will replace the current $10 discount that is currently available.

This leaves a gap in the ability to earn Qantas Points at Woolworths, between the current earnings scheme ending, and the new option becoming available.In that time, customers that had previously earned Qantas Points are promised regular  Qantas Points offers – although we will have to wait to see what form these offers take.


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