Qantas introduces Status Hold when on parental leave

Qantas today introduced two changes to its Frequent Flyer program in order to make it more family friendly. The first of these changes was to introduce a Status Hold for members of the program that are on parental leave and meet the eligibility criteria for the hold.

The second change is more of an adjustment, and lifts the limits on the number of points that can be transferred between family members each year. This is outlined in a separate post.

Status Hold Introduced

The Status Hold is a feature that will allow members to put their status on hold while they are on parental leave. The feature is similar to changes that Velocity introduced at its relaunch a few years ago.

Under the Status Hold program, Silver, Gold and Platinum members (but not Platinum One members) will be able to put their status on hold for up to 18 months while on parental leave.  While the status is on hold, any status benefits will still be available should you have to fly Qantas for any reason.  You will also continue to be able to earn points and status credits during this time, but your status will be held at its current level, regardless of the amount of travel.

The Status Hold is available for parents who are taking six months (or more) off from work, and meet one of the following criteria:

  • A parent of a baby or babies that are due to be born within the next three months or were born in the last six months
  • A foster parent who will be caring for a child within the next three months, or has starting caring for child in the last six months
  • A parent who will be adopting a child within the next three months, or has adopted a child in the last six months.

There are some documentation requirements that need to be met when applying for a Status Hold, and these are detailed on the Qantas website.

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