Qantas introduces a Points upgrade calculator

Qantas have unveiled a new Points upgrade calculator on the Qantas website. This adds to the online tools that Qantas have added to their website in recent times, such as the earnings points calculator introduced in August last year.

In the past, users trying to work out how many points were needed for an upgrade on a particular flight had a set of tables to work with. The table required you to know the number of miles that your flight was taking, and looked like this:

The new calculator is available online on this page,

You start by first choosing where you are flying from. As this table only lists Qantas destinations it is a much shorter list to choose from than some of their other city lists.

After choosing the From city, you choose your destination, and the list of destinations is limited to where Qantas flies to from the city you chose as your origin.

Following that, the options will be presented, such as whether you are upgrading from discount economy or flexible economy.

Overall it is an improvement from working with the upgrade tables, although they are still available if required.

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