Qantas Hotels extends 3 points per dollar to all hotel bookings

Qantas Hotels has extended to offer of 3 points per dollar to all hotels available for booking through Qantas Hotels. Previously, Qantas Frequent Flyer points were only earned when booking what Qantas referred to as partner hotels.

Of the roughly 140,000 hotels available in Qantas Hotels, around 127,000 were not previously eligible to earn the 3 points per dollar from Qantas Hotels. This means that you would previously only earn hotels at about 13,000 hotels that were available to book through Qantas Hotels.

This is a good improvement to the Qantas Hotels offering. Previously there was no real advantage in booking hotels that were not ‘partners’ through Qantas Hotels. As you would not earn points, there were often better deals to be found elsewhere. While there still may be better offers around, this provides another option to look at when considering a hotel booking.

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