Qantas Frequent Flyer enters Health Insurance market

Qantas has joined forces with Health Insurance peovider NIB to create a new program called Qantas Assure. Under the deal, a range of Qantas Assure branded products will be made available, which will have the ability to earn Qantas Points.

In addition to earning points on premiums, there will be an ability to earn points by staying active. Under this part of the program, members with wearable trackers (such as a fitbit), will be able to set activity targets, and earn points for achieving those targets.

This will be facilitated through a wellness App that will sync with the device. If the targets are achieved, an amount of Qantas Points will be deposited into the users Frequent Flyer account.

Qantas have not revealed the exact number of points that will be earned through the use of a fitness tracker, although they will be aligned with targets that the user sets. I would not expect the points earning from this to be a major contributor to your frequent flyer balance. Flybuys have a similar deal with Medibank, and under that program, you are looking at earning 10 flybuys points on days where you reach 10,000 steps.

As part of the introduction of the program, Qantas is offering 100 Qantas Points for completing a survey. The surevy is toward the bottom of the page on the Qantas Points site, and is open until the end of November.

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