Qantas Assure Launches

Yesteday, Qantas announced the launch of the Qantas Assure range of products. I say range, because it appears to be made up of a group of products – those being the Health Insurance, Travel Insurance and a so called Wellness Program.

The Health Insurance and Travel Insurance products are relatively self explanatory. The wellness program is a program powered by a iPhone based app that is awards policy holders points for achieving certain activity challenges – such as walking a certain number of steps each day.

This is all tied together with the ability to earn Qantas Points. While Qantas has thrown up a headline offering the ability to earn up to 70,000 points in the first year, in some respects they have not completely laid out exactly how this will work.

In addition, the number of points you can earn is largely determined by exactly which Health Insurance policy you choose to take out.

The discussion that follows is based on my understanding of the information that has been presented by Qantas, Over time, I expect more information to become available, especially around the way points are earned through the Wellness Program.

Qantas Assure Health Insurance

First up, there are the Health Insurance Policies that are being branded under the Qantas Assure banner. This policies are being underwritten by NIB, and there are basically two ways of earning points with these policies.

How do you earn points?

Between now ane June 30, Qantas are offering a bonus for signing up to a new policy. While Qantas highlight the 50,000 points bonus, the number of points depends upon the exact combination of Hospital and Extras cover taken up, and whether you are taking up a Singles policy of a couples/family policy.

The way the tiers work is shown below:

Following the sign on bonus there is an offer of 1 Qantas Point per dollar paid on the premium.


Participating In Activites

Through the Wellness App, you are able to particpate in activitties, with specfic awards available for completing them. Qantas state that you can earn a maximum of 15,000 Qantas Points per year through the App. It then goes on to say that in order to do this, you need to “participate in the highest daily and weekly challenges available
through the Qantas Assure App and win every group challenge”

It is not clear at the moment just what all these activites are.

Overall, Qantas define maximums for the earning points, and these are show in the following tables

As a result, the maximum number of points is affected by the program you are on.

Having said all that, Qantas are stating a maximum of 70,000 points in the first year. While the first 50,000 will come from the sign-up bonus, reconciling the remaining 20,000 against the tables is a difficult task. Hoepfully, as the program rolls this will all become clearer.


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