Qantas adds Qatar ‘R’ business class to earnings table

Earlier this year, Qatar introduced a new ticket ‘class’ for discountd business class seats, which was coded as booking class ‘R’.  One of the issues with this new booking class, is that some of the airlines, including Qantas, did not include ‘R’ as a class in the booking tables.

Effectively, this means that any flights booked under this code would earn nothing when creditting to these programs. Over the last month of so, various programs have slowly been adding ‘R’ to their earning tables, and this week, it was the turn of Qantas to add the new booking class.

The updated table is shown below.

Qatar AirwaysThis link will open in a new window. (QR)  Qantas Frequent Flyer Earn CategoriesThis link will open in a new window. on Partner Marketed Flights
Economy Flexible
Business First
Eligible Booking ClassThis link will open in a new window. All flights KLMV BH Y CDIJR AFP

As can be seen, Qantas have added the discounted class to the Business category. As a result, it will earn the at the same rate as all other eligible Qatar booking codes. This is a good change, and brings Qantas into line with several other oneWorld partners that had already made the change.

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