Qantas adds ability to upgrade Reward flights

Qantas has added the ability for travellers on domestic and international Classic Flight Rewards to use their frequent flyer points to upgrade to Premium Economy and Business. The new ability to upgrade Classic Flight Rewards largely follows the lead of upgrading a normal cash price, with the ability to request an upgrade:

  • Economy to Premium Economy
  • Economy to Business
  • Premium Economy to Business

The missing option is to request an upgrade from Business to First.

The conditions for the upgrade requests are the same as for the existing upgrade requests:

  • For domestic upgrade requests, the request can be confirmed immediately if the is an upgrade request available. If
    one isn’t available, the ability to waitlist will be available.
  • For international upgrade requests, the requests are processed under the same process as other international upgrade requests. They are first waitlisted and then processed within a few days of the flight.

Qantas have updated the Upgrade Calculator to reflect this new option. The following screen shows an example of the points required for an upgrade request between Melbourne and Perth. The chart shows the number of points required for an upgrade from Economy, from a Flexible Economy, Discount Economy or Classic Flight award.

Further information on upgrades can be found on the Qantas website.

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