Malaysia Airlines 10% bonus on transfers

Malaysia Airlines is running a promotion offering a 10% bonus on points transferred from a participating bank program into the Malasyia Arilines Enrich Program.

The pomotion is running through April – and is valid for a range of credit cards, from a variety of banks around the the region.

For Australian Cardholders, the promotion applies to the Westpac Altitude range of cards. The normal conversion rate from Altitude to Enrich is for 2,000 Altitude points converts to 1,000 Enrich points. During the promotion period, those 2,000 points will yield a total of 1,100 Enrich points.

Enrich points don’t have the same value as they did prior to the Award Chart devaluation, however, if there is a particular redemption option available, then this may be a worthwhile promotion to participate in. Also remember that points in Enrich will expire three years after they are creditted to Enrich.

All up, the promotion may be worthwhile if you have an imminent booking.

For further information, refer to the Enrich promotion page.

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