IHG Rewards offering 100% bonus on points purchase

IHG Rewards Club has launched a new promotion offering a 100% bonus of purchasing points. The offer is for 4 days, and is already underway, finishing at midnight 3rd June, US Eastern time. For those of us on the east coast of Australia, this is 4 pm Australian Eastern time (and 2 pm for folk in Western Australia).

A bonus of 100% is about as good as it gets with these bonus offering through IHG Rewards. Even better, the 100% bonus is paid across the board, without the tiered bonus that often occurs for these types of offers.

The main reason for buying points is to make up for a lack of points for a reward night. In some cases, buying points for an award night can provide a cheaper room than what can be achieved by paying the cash rate for a room. This can be true, for example, for some Intercontinental hotel that have pretty significant cash rates for rooms.

However, you really need to do your calculations to see if this is a path to achieving luxury at a cheaper rate. Keep in mind that award nights provide a flexible style booking, so you are not locked in as you might be with the Advance Purchase rates that are on offer.

If you wish to take advantage of this offer, you can purchase points through this page.

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