IHG Rewards launches Accelerate 2018

Accelerate 2018

IHG Rewards has launched its latest version of the Accelerate promotion. Running from 1 January to 30 April, it offers members the chance to earn thousands of points.

Accelerate 2018

As with previous versions of Accelerate, upon registration you will be presented with a number of ‘tasks’ to complete. As a reulst, you can only find out what you have been targeted for is to sign-in and register for the promotion.

Keep in mind that the promotion hasn’t started yet, and the final Accelerate for 2017 hasn’t completed yet, While getting your tasks now might help you to plan, be aware that some tasks require the bookings to be made during the promotion period. So, be careful about booking to quickly – you might do yourself out of points.

What’s on offer?

The offers i was made are shown below.


The offers probably reflect the fact that I have not stayed much at IHG hotels over the last few months.

Or maybe not. Much has been made of the customisation of tasks to individual members. One interesting factor in my offers, is they match the offers reported by others, such as Fly Stay Points or Live From a Lounge. I am not too sure what to make of that!

That aside, it is a farily straightforward offerm that won’t take too many stays to complete. As mentioned above, one does need to be a bit careful with the terms of each individual offer. While I do have a stay planned in January that will tick off some of these boxes, the terms state that it needs to be booked during the promotion period. Having lost out on points because of this before, I will have to hold off on making a booking.


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