IHG offering 15% discount on Points+Cash bookings

IHG have an option of combining Cash with Points on Reward bookings. For the period 25 February, 2016 through to 26 March, 2016 IHG is offering Platinum and Spire members a 15% discount on the cash component of a Cash + Points booking. The bookings may be made for stays through to 30 April, 2016.

Cash + Points bookings

When booking an IHG Rewards night, IHG will offer the ability to pay for some of the booking with cash, rather than needing to use points for the full booking. The options are shown on the screen when you search for a Reward Night, as shown below.

In this example, a standard Reward Night is 40,000 points. Howeveer, there is the option of reducing the points to 35,000 points by paying $40 in cash. Effectively, IHG Rewards use this $40 to purchase 5,000 points which is then used to pay for the room.

As can be seen, under the current offer, IHG Rewards are offering a reduced cash payment of $34 for those 5,000 points.

For further information, refer to the IHG Promotion Page.

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