Hyatt tightens up on Diamond Suite Upgrades

Members of the Hyatt Gold Passport program achieving Diamond Status, receive 4 certificates each year that can be used to obtain a confirmed suite upgrade. The ability to lock in an upgrade to a suite is a good benefit compared to the alternative of trying your luck at check-in.

At present, it is only necessary to book a confirmed upgrade by the expiry date of the certificate. The actual stay could occur after the expiry date – the important thing was to have the booking locked in by the expiry date.

This policy is changing as of 1 March, 2016. From that date Hyatt Diamond members will need to  ensure that the proposed checkout date is also before the expiry date of the certificate. There will no longer be an opportunity to future book an upgrade that is beyond the expiration date.

This may cause a few issues for people that, for some reason, aren’t able to book a room that has a check-out prior to the expiry date. It will also make it difficult for stays that span the expiry date.

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