Extended: 1,000 Hilton HHonors Points For Changing your account’s password

Hilton HHonors have again extended the 1,000 point offer for proactively changing your account password. According to the current terms of the offer, you now have until 10 April, 2015 in order to change the password.

On the current timeline, anyone who hasn’t changed their password by 22 April, will be required to change their password (or create one if they don’t have one), the next time they log in to the Hilton HHonors account.

The instructions given by Hilton HHonors for changing your password are:

  • Visiting www.HHonors.com/Login with your current username or HHonors number and existing password/PIN.
  • On the left-hand side, under the My Profile section, click “Personal Information.”
  • If you have a password, select “Change Password;” if you do not have a password, select “create username and password.”
  • Your new password must be at least eight characters, contain at least one upper case letter, and contain at least one number or one special character.
  • Remember to choose a unique password and update it regularly to protect your personal information.
  • If you don’t change your password before April 22, 2015, you will be prompted to make this update the next time you attempt to login to your account on or after this date.

The offer was first offered back in February, although there were some initial technical issues, and the offer was soon withdrawn. The promotion was reintroduced on 13 March, and at the time passwords needed to be changed by 25 March, with the requirement to be on the new password by 1 April. There has been no indication of what has caused the latest delay to the move to using passwords only, thus removing the ability to sign in using a PIN.

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