Expedia introduces the Expedia+ rewards program

Expedia, the online travel agent, has introduced its Expedia+ Rewards program to Australia and New Zealand. It is similar in design to the program introduced into the US last year, and includes three different membership levels, each providing their own set of benefits.

Membership levels

There are three memberships levels (+blue, +silver, and +gold), and each level provides  more opportunities to earn and redeem
points. The +blue level is the base level, and the level at which new members join the program. Progression to the +silver or +gold level is based either on spend, or on the number of eligible hotel nights booked through Expedia

+silver 7 hotel room nights or AU$5,000 in eligible Expedia.com.au spend
+gold 15 hotel room nights or AU$10,000 in eligible Expedia.com.au spend


Points Earnings

Earnings varies depending on what is booked through Expedia:The earn rates are:

  • 2 points per AU$1 spent on hotels, packages with a hotel, activities, and select car rentals.
  • 1 point per AU$5 spent and airline frequent flyer points

On top of the base earn rate, +silver members get a 10% bonus, while +gold members are eligible for a 30% bonus on top of the base earning rate.

Points Redemption

Points earned can be redeemed for vouchers that may be used for either hotel bookings or hotel+flight bookings. The normal redemption rate is that 3,500 points will get a $25 voucher.

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