Earn 850 Velocity Points with E-Rewards

Velocity are offering 850 Velocity points for signing up to e-Rewards, and completing a survey within 3 month. This is an increase on the previous offer of 750 points.


E-Rewards touts itself as an ‘Opinion Panel’, which basically means that it conducts market research surveys. Once you have signed up to E-rewards, you will be offered surveys to complete in order to earn ‘Opinion Points’.

The number of points on offer varies with each survey. The number of points is based on the estimated length of the survey. A survey estimated at 5 minutes in length will typically offer 100 Opinion Points. From there, each additional 5 minutes earns an extra 100 points.

Over time, once you have collected enough Opinion Points, you will be able to convert them to Velocity Points.  There are various redemption levels, and generally the greater the number of points you are converting, the better the exchange rate. The exchange rates on offer are:

  • 1,200 Opinion Points = 250 Velocity Points
  • 2,000 Opinion Points = 500 Velocity Points
  • 3,500 Opinion Points = 1,000 Velocity Points
  • 6,000 Opinion Points = 2,000 Velocity Points

There is a limit of one redemption in each 30 day period.

Sign Up for 850 Velocity Points

As an offer for joining E-Rewards, 850 points is on offer for joining E-Rewards via Velocity. This does require you to complete a survey within three months of signing up.

  1. Sign up for e-Rewards® and link your Velocity account during the sign up.
  2. Complete a survey within 3 months of enrolment, to receive 850 Velocity points.
  3. Take surveys that suit your interests to earn Opinion Points
  4. Exchange for Velocity Points, once you have earned enough opinion points.

2 thoughts on “Earn 850 Velocity Points with E-Rewards

  • October 18, 2017 at 3:10 pm

    I signed up & earned 6000 points but now it won’t let me convert them to Velocity points without a phone code verification which I never received. I have tried to contact their help desk on multiple occasions and to date I still have not been contacted. This is starting to feel like a lit of a scam to me.

    • October 22, 2017 at 10:20 am

      I’ve never been asked for a SMS code, but I understand that it is a new part of the redemption process. There are a number of reports of it not working, and they are apparently working on it.


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