Earn Qantas Points with Vodafone

Qantas has signed a deal with Vodafone, allowing members to earn points when signing up to new Vodafone Plans. Under the deal, customers signing up to an eligible new Vodafone plan will earn between 4,000 and 15,000 points on a 24 month contract.

The offer brings a phone partner back to Qantas, which it has not had since Optus departed the program. The structure of the offer is, however, substantially different.

The offer is basically a sign up bonus – it does not pay points ongoing for any spend on the plans. Under the deal, there are two parts to the points – half of the points available are for signing up to a new plan, while the second half is paid only if you sign up to a new plan online.

For the traditional post paid plans, there is a group of plans specific to Qantas, known as ‘Qantas Plans’. The inclusions are by and large the same as the equivalent Vodafone plan, although there are some differences. For example, the Vodafone plans offer a choice of Stan, Spotify or SMH/The Age subscriptions, which is not available on the Qantas Plans. Effictively, under the Qantas plans you choice Qantas Points as your sign up bonus, rather than the choices available under the Vodafone plans.

For business customers, the points are awarded through the Aquire program.

Under the partnership, Qantas Frequent Flyer members and Aquire members earn a one off allocation of Qantas Points or Aquire Points across three Vodafone 24 month Qantas Red plans or Qantas Business Red plans. Double points are available to Qantas Frequent Flyer members and Aquire members who sign up, renew or upgrade online rather than in store.

Plan cost
Per Month
In store Points Online Points
$80 4,000 8,000
$100 5,000 10,000
$130 7,500 15,000

There are also a set of SIM only plans that will be offering Qantas Points. These plans start at $45 per month, which will give you 4,000 Qantas Points. Other SIM Only plans include a $60 plan with 10GB of data yielding 5,000 Qantas points, and finally a $85 plan with 15GB data offering 7500 points. Do note that these are 24 month plans, so you won’t be able to sign-up, take the points and cancel, without paying a cancellation fee.

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