Earn 900 Qantas Points in October by walking

Qantas Assure

Qantas are offering members up to 900 Qantas Points during October simply by walking. To be in line for the points, you will need to download the Qantas Assure App, and sync it to a finess device.

Over the course of the month, Qantas will reward members that achieve 8,000 steps a day, with 30 bonus points. This will add up to 930 points, if you achieve the required steps everyday.

In addition, there are 150 points available for members that download and log into the Qantas Assure App during October. This brings the total number of points available to over 1,000 points. Not a great number by any stretch of the imagination. Having said that, for many people, it will just be a matter of synching the app with a fitness tracker, and going about their normal business.

Qantas Assure

Qantas Assure started out offering health insurance. In order to promote a healthy lifestyle, the Qantas Assure App offered points for various fitness related activities.

Normally, however, and points earned in the app, are earned as ‘locked points’. You can only have these as actual Qantas Points if you take out an elgible product.

During promotional periods, Qantas do make points available without the need for the Qantas Assure product. This is the case in October – you will not need to have a Qantas Assure product in order to receive the points. Qantas will transfer them across on a fortnightly basis.

In addition to the points, Qantas are having a draw, giving away 30 flight vouchers worth $1,000 each. You can receive one entry into the competition each day you achieve 8,000 steps.

While 900 points isn’t a lot, if you already achieve 8,000 steps a day, then they are pretty much points for letting Qantas keep track of you!

Further information is available on the Qantas Assure website.




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