Club Carlson 30% bonus on Gold Points purchase

Club Carlson has kicked off a new promotion offering a 30% bonus for purcahses of Gold Points made 15 September and 15 October, 2015.

The 30% bonus kicks in on purchases of 10,000 points or over, and applies through to purchases of 40,000 points. Note that 40,000 points is the maximum number of points you may purcahse in a given year.

When purchasing points under this promotion, the final price works out to be a little over 0.5 cents each (in US Dollar terms). As the Australian Dollar has decreased in value somewhat this year, this has made the point purchasing exercise somewhat more expensive, and may affect whether this offer makes sense or not.

Keep in mind, also, that Clab Carlson have had 100% bonus offers over the past year. This offer is probably useful if you have an immediate need for points.

For further details, see the Club Carlson website.

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