Citibank to reduce Velocity/KrisFlyer earn

December 12, 2015 Mark 0

Citibank has announced that it will be adjusting the transfer rates to the Krisflyer and Velocity Rewards program. The change, which will become effective on 18 March, changes the transfer rate to the two programs […]


Citibank capping earn on Signature Card

December 11, 2015 Mark 0

Citibank has updated its website with changes to the way the rewards programs attached to the Signature card are earned. The changes, which for the moment, affect only new applicants for the card place, make […]


Citibank reverses points devaluation

November 5, 2015 Mark 0

Citibank has been advising customers this morning that it will be reversing the devaluation in its points conversion to Velocity and Krisflyer.  The unexpected and unannounced changes caused a storm of protest on social media […]


Citibank devalues transfers to Krisflyer and Velocity

November 2, 2015 Mark 1

[Updated: Citibank have been advising customers that the devaluation is being reversed.] Citibank has, seemingly unannounced, reduced the number of points that you will receive when transferring Citibank Rewards Points into either the Krisflyer program […]