Best Western Rewards program consolidation and updates

Best Western runs a number of regional program under then banner of Best Western Rewards. Best Western have advised that from 1 January, 2016 many of the regional programs, such as the Australian program, will be consolidated under the one global program.



Point Expiration

One of the significant difference between the North American versions of the program compared to the rest of the world was in the area of points expiry. In the North American program, points expiry in the program was removed in 2006.

If you were outside of North America, a points expiration policy applied. This policy expired any points in your account if you had no activity in your account for twelve months. Under the consolidated program, there will no longer be an expiration  of points for inactivity.

Elite Levels

In Australia, there was a slightly different structure for Elite levels. The missing levels will be introduced, and the qualification criteria for the various levels brought into line.

Currently, the levels are:

GOLD Stay 0-14 nights per year
PLATINUM Stay 15-29 nights per year
DIAMOND Stay 30+ nights per year

The new levels, and qualifying criteria are:

Status Level Nights Stays Points
From Eligible Stays only;
excludes Bonus Points or promotional points)
Gold 10 to 14 nights 7 to 9 Eligible Stays 10,000 to 14,999 Points
Platinum 15 to 29 nights 10 to 19 Eligible Stays 15,000 to 29,999 Points
Diamond 30 to 49 nights 20 to 39 Eligible Stays 30,000 to 49,999 Points
Diamond Select 50 or more nights 40 or more Eligible Stays 50,000 or more

Effectively, the new levels are a new Gold, slotting in at the 10 to 14 nights requirement, and the Diamond Select level, after staying more than 50 nights in a year.

Earn Rate

The base earn rate remains at 10 points per US Dollar spent. For the elite levels, the bonus is:

  • Gold Elite Status receive a 10% Point bonus;
  • Platinum Elite Status receive a 15% Point bonus (10% at present);
  • Diamond Elite Status receive a 30% Point bonus; (15% at present)
  • Diamond Select Elite Status receive a 50% Point bonus.

Award Nights

The promotional material suggests that there will now be more award nights made available, and that blackout nights will be a thing of the past. On the downside, the number of points required for a room is to become more dynamic, and  may very from month to month in the same hotel, depending on seasonal factors.

Further information can be found on the Best Western Website

The existing terms and conditions are here.

The new terms and conditions are here.


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