Aquire 50% bonus SC and double points promotion

Aquire are running a promotion offering eligible business trips the opportunity to earn a 50% bonus on Status Credits for the travellers, and double Aquire Points for the business. In comparison to a number of the targetted Status Credit promotions, this promotion is unusual in its relative opennes, and the length of time it is running for.

For most members, the offer arrived in their January Aquire points balance email. It is also being advertised on the Aquire homepage.

In order to particpate in the promotion, anyone with an Aquire account will need to log into their Aquire account and register for the promotion.

The promotion is valid for any new, eligible, bookings made by 29 February, 2016 for travel through to 30 April, 2016. Remember, that for earnings in Aquire, and eligible flight is one that is a Domestic or International flight that

  • has a Qantas ‘QF’ flight number on the ticket that is purchased in Australia;
  • is operated by Qantas, Emirates or American Airlines;
  • has a ticket number commencing with ‘081’; and
  • is booked and travelled for business on or after the date the business registers for Aquire.


Status Credits

For the status chaser, the promotion to offer a bonus on status credits is an interesting one. While Qantas do offer various bonus status credit promotions (and sometimes targetted to specific members), it is unusual to have a month long booking period.

The bonus status credits are available for any traveller that has the Aquire members ABN number in their booking.

Aquire Points

Part of the offer also provides the business with the opportunity to earn double Aquire points.

Remember that the first 20,000 Aquire points earned from flying each year are listed as pending points until 20,000 points is earned.  This offer may help business members to earn their 20,000 Aquire points for the year.


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