ANZ to drop points earn on ATO payments

ANZ has become the latest bank to clamp down on points earning when making payments to the Australian Tax Office. Last week, customers started receiving notifications that as from 27 February 2016, points will not be awarded for payments made to the ATO.

The change generally affects all of the rewards cards, including both the ANZ Rewards and and ANZ Frequent Flyer (Qantas) cards. The wording change differs between account types, but generally inserts the words Australian Tax Office into the paragraph that states which payments do not earn points.

For example, the exceptions for the ANZ rewards card is being changed to:

You will not earn Rewards Points on interest charges; premiums paid for ANZ Credit Card Insurance; government charges; bank fees; payments made to Australian Taxation Office….

The change comes about one year after ANZ began to implement points capping on many of its cradit cards. In that clampdown, the Black version of the cards were spared, however, in this change, the ANZ Black cards are included in the limitation.

Many of the other major banks have already sought to limit the points that may be earned through the ATO. This includes Westpac, NAB and the Commonwealth. Increasingly, it has become necessary to look to cards from the smaller providers to continue to earn points on payments to the Australian Tax Office.

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