ANZ Rewards offers 15% bonus on transfers to Asia Miles

ANZ rewards is offering a bonus of 15% on the number of points when making a transfer to Asia Miles. The bonus is being offered on transfers of miles made to Asia Miles between 4 May and 12 June, 2016.

The usual transfer rate from ANZ Rewards across to Asia Miles is 3
ANZ Rewards = 1 Asia Mile. There is a minimum transfer of 3,000
ANZ Rewards points, and from then in multiples of 1,500 ANZ Rewards Points.

For example, on a transfer of 30,000 ANZ Rewards points, you would get 10,000 points deposited into your Asia Miles account. Under the bonus on offer, an additional 1,500 points would be added, giving a total of 11,500 Asia Miles points for the 30,000 ANZ Rewards points.

Further information is available on the ANZ Rewards promotion page.

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