ANZ Rewards offering up to 35% bonus miles transferring to Velocity

ANZ Rewards Velocity Bonus Points (Image: ANZ Rewards)

During November, members of the ANZ Rewards program transferring points to Velocity are in line for a bonus of up to 35%. Part of the promotion includes the 15% bonus promotion that is currently under way for various credit cards. ANZ Rewards has boosted the offer an additional 20%, acheivable through the Auto-Redemption process. requirements.

The ANZ Velocity offer

There are 3 separate parts to the offer:

  • The first 15% is from the offer that was announced by Velocity.
  • A second 15% is a specific offer to ANZ, and is available to cardholders that ae using the auto-redemption option. This auto-redemption needs to occur in November to be eligible.
  • The third and final 5% is available for what ANZ Rewards refer to as the Always On option. This particular bonus has apparently been running since July, and will conclude in December. It is intended to encourage cardholders to stay in the auto-redemption process.
ANZ Rewards November Velcoity Bonus
ANZ Rewards November Velcoity Bonus


For further details in this offer, refer to the ANZ Rewards promotion page.


Previous Offer

In May, ANZ Rewards ran a similar promotion in conjunction with the more general Velocity promotion. While this also gave an overall bonus of 35%, it was structured differently. The latest offer is more focussed on the Auto-Redemption option of the program. In the last promotion, auto-redemption achieved a 5% bonus. In the current offer, Auto-Redemption is required to gain the full additional 20%.

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