ANZ introduces new Travellers credit card

ANZ has introduced a new credit card, aimed squarely at travellers. The ANZ Rewards Travel Adventures credit card includes a range of features including uncapped points earning, a free domestic return flight each year with Virgin Australia, two Virgin Australia lounge passes and no overseas transaction fees on international purchases.

The card comes with a total annual fee of $225 (which is made up of a card fee and an award program fee, as is the way of ANZ). This gives a combination of a Platinum Visa Card and an American Express companion card.

Points Earning

As with many combination cards, the points earning rate varies depending on whether you are using the Visa or American Express card. If using the Visa card, you will earn 1 ANZ Reward Point for each Australian Dollar (or equivalent) charged to the card. The American Express companion card will earn at a higher 2 points per dollar. Do note, however, that ANZ have been rolling in changes over the last year, removing points earning on ATO payments.

It is possible to convert ANZ Rewards points into a number of Frequent Flyer programs. Eligible programs include:

  • Velocity  at 2 ANZ Rewards point to 1 Velocity Point
  • Asia Miles  – 3 ANZ Reward points to 1 Asia Miles Point
  • Krisflyer – 3 ANZ Rewards points to 1 Krisflyer Point
  • ANZ – 3,000 ANZ Rewards Points to $15 Airpoints

Annual Domestic Flight

The card comes with an annual domestic flight, that just requires a spend of $500 to have been made within three months of the account date. The flights available seem to be fairly broad, and include some transcontinental flights. That being so, the flight alone would allow you to recover the value of your annual fee.

There are a few restrictions on the flights – they need to be booked 60 days in advance.  In addition, the flights do not qualify for status credit or points earn in the Velocity program.

Lounge Passes

Subject to the same $500 spend criteria as for the domestic flight, ANZ will make available 2 Virgin lounge passes each year. You will need to request these from ANZ.

An unusual feature is that it appears they mail the lounge passes out – implying they are paper based passes. This is unusual for Virgin, which usually issues passes electronically attached to your Velocity account.

No International Fees on overseas purchases

The ANZ Rewards Travel Adventures cards joins a small group of cards offering no overseas transaction fee on international purchases.

On top of those features, being a platinum level card, it comes with a range of insurance features.

For further information on this new credit card, refer to the ANZ website.


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