Amex Membership Rewards: 15% bonus on transfer to Enrich

American Express Membership Rewards and the Malaysia Airlines Enrich frequent flyer program are currently offering a bonus of 15% points when transferring points from the American Express Membership Rewards program to Enrich.

The offer is available from now, until 8 October, 2014.

Normally, 1 Membership Rewards point transfers as 1 Enrich point, but under this offer, the effective rate will be 1 Membership Rewards point will yield 1.15 Enrich points.

The terms and conditions of the offer are:

MALAYSIA AIRLINES & ENRICH – Bonus Enrich Miles offer is only valid
for American Express Membership Rewards Points redemption to Enrich
Miles during the promotion period until 08 October 2014. Redemption
requests must be made within this promotion period. Bonus Enrich Miles
may take up to 14 days to transfer into your Enrich account. Enrich
reserves the right to revise the bonus miles offer and/or any rules
and/or terms and conditions in relation to the same with a prior notice
of 1 week to American Express Australia.

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