American Express Cardholder rebate offers (Hilton)

American Express have, for some time, been running offers whereby they offer statement credits for achieving certain transaction limits at particular mechants. The merchants that these offers relate to come from a fairly wide cross section of categories, such as travel, retail, restaurants and so on.

There are some particularly interesting offers that have just been released. Some of these may be of interest if you are travelling around Australia.

Mnay of these offers are available for both directly issued American Express cards, as well as the bank issued cards. The bank issued cards are typically a second card, with a Visa or Mastercard being the primary card.

For direcly issued American Express cards, the ability to register for these promotions is usually available online in the offers serction of the web site. For bank issued cards, any available offers are availble through AmexConnect. Registration of your card may be required.

The offer that caught my interest this month, was a rebate offer for Hilton and Doubletree Hotels in Australia.

Hilton and Doubletree
Hilton and DoubleTree in Australia: Spend $250 or more, get $50
Direct Link, or via AmexConnect.
Valid to 18/11/2015

There are, however, a number of other offers across a broad range of categories, so if you have an American Express card, it is always worth checking out the rebate offers that may be available.

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