American Airways and US Airways programs to merge in April

The final steps in merging the American Airways AAdvantage program and the US Airways Dividend Miles program is set to take place in April. US Airways has recently sent out its last monthly statement.

For members of both programs, the two accounts will be merged, however, you need to ensure your accounts are linked by 20 March. This will ensure that any points and activity from the US program us correctly carried across into the AAdvantage program.

The programs have had some following in Australia due to some excellent poimt  buying offers and some good value redemptions in this part of the world. Unfortunately, with the exit of the US Divident Miles programs, some of the very best options will be disappearing. On the other hand, there have been some good options in the AAdvantage program that will remain.

The main approach at the moment would be:

  1. Ensure your American and US Airways accounts have been linked. This will help ensure a smooth transition for your miles.
  2. Book any awards you want using the US Airways chart, in the coming weeks.
  3. If you have points in the US Airways, but it is more favourable to boon in the AA program, then consider waiting (with the associated risks)

If you are affected by this, you will likely have received emails from the programs you are a member of. Further information regarding the merger can be found at this link.

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