Altitude offering 15% bonus for Velocity Auto Redemption

During May 2017, Westpac is offering a 15% bonus on newly setup Velocity auto-transfers. An auto transfer to Velocity can be set up for members participating in the Altitude Rewards program.

Altitdue Rewards is the inhouse loyalty program of Westpac. Members collecting Altitude Points have long had the option to transfer points to Velocity Rewards. Last year, Westpac introduced an option to auto convert points to Velocity.

For Altitude members setting up an auto redemption during May 2017, there will be a 15% bonus paid on transfers.

There may be some differences in the bonus depending on whether you set up the transfer before or after your statement date. If you set up the auto transfer before your statement date, then you will receive a 15% bonus in both May and June. If you set up the auto transfer after your statement date, you will receive the bonus in June.

Velocity Auto-Redemption

Under the Auto-redemption option, Westpac will auto transfer any Altitude Points once a month. The transfer itself will take place on the statement date. Each transfer will convert any points earned during the prior statement period.

As with the manual transfer of points, there is a transfer rate of 2 Altitude Points converting to 1 Velocity Points. There is a minimum transfer of 2 Altitude Points under this program.


For further information on Auto Redemption, refer to the Altitude promotion page.

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