Alitalia MilleMiglia Status Match Program

Alitalia are promoting a status match, which allows elite members of non Skyteam programs the ability to obtain a matching status in the Alitalia MilleMiglia program.

Under the Alitlia status match program, Alitalia will match Silver, Gold and Platinum members from non-SkyTeam
frequent flier programs to similar status level on MilleMiglia. From an Australian perspective, the programs run by Qantas and Virgin Australia will both meet the requirements of being a non-Skyteam program.

You can access Alitalia’s web page for this program here.

As per the instructions on the Alitalia webpage, getting a status match involves:

  • Ensuring you have either an existing Alitalia account, or enrolled in a new one
  • Sending an email to by December 31, 2015 with the following:
    • First name and last name
    • MilleMiglia code
    • A legible copy of your existing valid Frequent Flyer program card

Your status will be effective 5 working days after you send the request email and will be maintained until 31 March, 2016. To confirm that your status has been recognized, you will receive a personalized email from your new Club.

While the standard expiry date for the match is listed as 31 March, 2016, in the event that your existing card has an expiry after that date, you will be matched through to 31 March 2017. Depending on where you are with expiry dates in the existing program, it may be worth considering exactly when you should apply for the status match. For example, if your current card expires in the next few months, and you will be renewing at your existing level, it may be best to hold off until the new card is issued prior to applying for the status match.

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