Alaska Airlines Purchase Bonus

Alaska Airlines is running a promotion offering a bonus of up to 50% on Mileage Plan miles purchases. Having said that, the actual bonus on offer is somewhat targetted, and some may be offered a lesser bonus amount. If, you strike it lucky, the bonus is valid through to 29 September, 2016.

Buying miles can offer one of the cheaper ways to purchase premium cabin flights. The way it works is that you purchase the miles, and use them to redeem for Award flights. The factor that makes Alaska Airlines of interest in this part of the world, is that you can use the points to redeem on Qantas or Cathay Pacific.

The following discussion is mostly relevant if you are offered the maximum bonus of 50%. If you get offered a lower bonus, then you will need to adjust the figures appropriately.

Buying 60,000 miles will come with a bonus of 30,000 miles, thus yielding a total of 90,000 miles. The cost of this is $1773.75 USD. Of course, in Australian Dollars terms, things aren’t as good as they were, however, this can still represent good buying, depending on your usage of the points.

Of course, once you have the points, the burn side of the equation becomes important. Alsaka Airlines publishes information on using in Australia, New Zealand and the South Pacific on this page.

The approach of purchasing miles on Alaska Airlines can make sense, but make sure you do your maths first.

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