About Australian Travel Points

Travel has always been something that has interested me. From my first journey to Singapore and Hong Kong when I was ten, I have always wanted to explore the world. Over time, the way I travelled changed, and my eyes were really opened when I discovered the loyalty programs

Loyalty programs are big business in the travel industry – encouraging us to become attached to certain travel providers. The secret is in using these programs to their full potential – enabling you to travel more, or in greater comfort than you would otherwise be able to achieve.

There are many blogs that provide information on point deals, and news from other perspectives, but few that do it from an Australian perspective. As I found it hard to find a source that provided a list of the available offers, I decided to start my own. So, on this blog, I will post details of offers, and changes to loyalty programs and their partners.

I follow a number of programs that may be of interest to other Australian travellers. I’ll record the latest promotions from across the travel loyalty programs. I’ll have a particular focus on Australia and the local region, to help you find and plan travel that gives the greatest comfort at the lowest price.