Earn Double Qantas Points at Hoyts

Hoyts Qantas
Hoyts Qantas

Hoyts is doubling its Qantas Frequent Flyer offer over the next two weeks. In one of the first promotions since kicking off the partnership with Qantas, Hoyts is offering its Hoyts Rewards members double points through to December 13.

Under the offer Hoyts are offering

  • Bronze Members (free level): Earn 2 points per ​$​2 spent (instead of the usual 1 point per ​$​2).
  • Silver Members ($13 per year): Earn 2 points per ​$​1 spent (instead of the usual 2 points per ​$​1).

Hoyts Rewards

In order to earn Qantas Points at Hoyts, you need to be a member of Hoyts Rewards. This will allow you to earn Qantas Points on both tickets and candy bar purchases.

As the basic membership (Bronze) is a free level, there is little reason not to join if you are an occassional movie goer. The more frequent movie goer can take advantage of the higher earn rate available
with the Silver membership level.

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